Our Work

Ca-IeDEA investigators are looking into the intersection of HIV treatment outcomes and various contextual determinants and co-morbidities.

Extreme Weather

Investigators affiliated with Central Africa IeDEA are examining the influence of climate change on HIV care and care outcomes.

Maternal Health

CA-IeDEA investigators are undertaking a number of analyses to determine the effect of exposure to HIV and ART on pregnancy outcomes.

Mental Health

Ongoing multiregional research focuses on the intersection of mental health and HIV treatment outcomes and the integration of mental health and HIV care.

Substance Abuse

A number of studies are underway assessing impact of substance use among people living with HIV.

Sentinel Research Network (SRN)

The SRN is a prospective interval observational cohort investigating non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among adults living with HIV.

Tuberculosis SRN (TB-SRN)

The TB-SRN is a prospective observational study examining the effect of HIV on post-treatment pulmonary function and the incidence and predictors of recurrent TB.