Sentinel Research Network (SRN)

The IeDEA Sentinel Research Network (SRN) is a prospective interval observational cohort investigating NCDs including mental health and substance use among adult people living with HIV (PLWH), aged 40 years and older. The SRN was established with supplement funds provided by multiple NIH institutes in 2019 to investigate cardiovascular disease risk, prevalence of mental health disorders and substance use, and liver disease among PLWH on treatment in low/middle income countries. With is one site each in six IeDEA regions, the SRN aims are:

  • To determine the incidence and predictors of cardio-metabolic disorders including diabetes mellitus, hypertension and dyslipidemia in PLHIV.
  • To characterize the onset, chronicity and severity of mental health and substance use problems among older PLHIV over time as well as their interrelation and their influence on the HIV care continuum.
  • To determine baseline (enrollment) prevalence, incidence and progression over three years of liver enzyme (ALT/AST) elevation as well as noninvasive biomarkers of liver fibrosis and liver steatosis.

Located in Rwanda, the CA-IeDEA SRN site plans to enroll 700 PLWH, representing the largest regional cohort of the IeDEA SRN.