Christina Wyatt, MD, MS

Duke University School of Medicine

Dr. Christina Wyatt is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology at Duke University School of Medicine and the Duke Clinical Research Institute. A leading global expert on kidney disease, Christina‚Äôs research is focused on defining the epidemiology of kidney disease among PWH, including those with comorbid risk factors such as diabetes.  Dr. Wyatt is helping to lead IeDEA’s research on chronic kidney disease, which is aimed at exploring the intersections between traditional risk factors, HIV and chronic kidney disease. Dr. Wyatt is currently the Principal Investigator on an R01 investigating the long-term implications of early anti-retroviral therapy in the START study cohort, and she is a co-investigator on several HIV-related studies, including an ancillary study to the REPRIEVE trial of statin use in HIV, translational studies investigating the kidney as a potential viral reservoir, and an observational study of kidney disease among PWH in low- and middle-income countries.