Ali Alisho Mawazo

Dr Ali Alisho Mawazo coordinates research activities in the DRC for the Protestant University of Congo and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has extensive experience in diabetes mellitus care and patient education, family planning, and research related to infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis and STIs. His main areas of interest are project management […]

Pélagie D. Babakazo

Dr. Pélagie Babakazo Is the Principal Investigator for Central Africa IeDEA in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Dr. Babakazo completed her medical degree at the University of Kinshasa School of Medicine, with a specialization in Pediatrics. She subsequently completed a Masters and PhD in Public Health at the Kinshasa School of Public Health, and […]

Fidèle Kasindi Lumande

Dr. Fidèle Kasindi Lumande coordinates Central Africa IeDEA research activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and leads work on a collaborative improvement initiative in data quality. Dr. Lumande earned his medical degree at the University of Kinshasa and has eight years of experience in research and surveillance on infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis […]

Nana Bosanci Mbonze

Dr. Nana Mbonze helps coordinate IeDEA research in the Democratic Republic of Congo and serves as the focal point for tuberculosis (TB)-related research. Dr. Mbonze has extensive experience working in HIV and TB, as well as in monitoring and evaluation research. Her research interests include tuberculosis and mental health disorders among patients with HIV and […]

Patricia Vangu Matondo Lelo

Dr. Patricia Vangu Matondo Lelo coordinates CA-IeDEA activities at the Kalembelembe Pediatric Hospital in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.  She has 16 years’ experience in pediatric infectious disease, with a focus on HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.  Her primary areas of interest are HIV and tuberculosis, along with issues affecting adolescents living with HIV. Currently serving as […]