Martin Herbas Ekat

Dr. Martin Herbas Ekat is an investigator with Central Africa IeDEA in the Republic of Congo.  His research interests include research on quality of life for people living with HIV in resource limited settings, as well as quality improvement in HIV care. Dr. Ekat holds a Doctor of Medicine from Marien Ngouabi University and an […]

Merlin Diafouka

Since October 2010, Dr. Merlin Diafouka has served as the Director of the Ambulatory Treatment Center of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, which specializes in the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS.  Dr. Diafouka‚Äôs research is focused primarily on HIV, STIs, cancers and the prevention of maternal to child transmission. He is a teacher and trainer in […]

Arcel C. Massamba Ndala

Dr. Arcel C. Massamba Ndala supports CA-IeDEA activities at the Amulatory Treatment Center of Pointe Noire, in the Republic of Congo.  His areas of interest include HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C, along with STIs. Dr. Massamba Ndala holds a doctorate in medecine from the Marien Ngouabi University of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. He […]